Tuesday 21st May 2024
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Abdul Raheem

Qasim Dislikes Pres. Yameen as He was Unable to Act as He Wished: Adhurey

Interim Leader of People's National Congress Abdul Raheem Abdulla (Adhurey) has stated that Jumhooree Party Leader Qasim Ibrahim disapproves of former President Yameen as Qasim was unable to act as he wished during Yameen's tenure.
Qasim on Monday objected to an opposition member defending President Yameen in parliament and heavily criticized the former president. Adhurey responded to Qasim's claims that the former president is a thief and an assailant.
Adhurey called for Qasim to recall how he treated his own employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. While employee's salaries were drastically cut, the Villa Company obtained a great sum of money from the state by using its resorts as quarantine facilities. He added that the Tourism Minister then and now was chosen by Qasim.
Regarding the Fenfushi reef that the Jumhooree Party Leader wishes to acquire, Adhurey claimed that his goal can be achieved with the help of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. According to Adhurey, Qasim has dubbed President Yameen a thief as the former president did not allow him to act as he wished. He further stated that no one can act as they wish during Yameen's presidency as the former president is not oblivious to all happenings.
"No one can act just as they wish, or take any amount of money they desire during President Yameen's tenure", said the interim PNC Leader. He advised Qasim not to act so barbarically.
Adhurey also revealed that Qasim called Justice Ahmed Hailam, the judge presiding over President Yameen's Criminal Court case, pressuring him to issue a verdict.