Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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Ahmed Adeeb

Pres. Yameen's Defense Requests Not to Consider Witness Statements of Adeeb, Ziyath

Former President Yameen Abdul Gayoom's defense has requested the Criminal Court not to consider the witness statements of former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb and former Managing Director of the Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) Abdulla Ziyath in the state's charges of money laundering and accepting a bribe.
During today's Criminal Court hearing, President Yameen's defense requested not to consider Adeeb and Ziyath's statements. Abdulla Shiyaz, a member of the former president's legal team, stated today that Adeeb and Ziyath's statements against Yameen are fabricated evidence.
He further stated that the court must not accept their witness statements as Adeeb and Ziyath pleaded guilty to accusations of theft.
Shiyaz mentioned that a Supreme Court ruling states that suspects of the same crime must not be allowed to testify for or against their accomplices.
While both Adeeb and Ziyath have confessed to pocketing money from the leasing of several islands including Fuhgiri, Raa Atoll, the state is going against the Supreme Court's ruling by using them as witnesses.
President Yameen's lawyer also appealed to the court not to accept witnesses who have said nothing against the former president during the investigation as oral evidence and documents irrelevant to the current case.
Adeeb and Ziyath have been arrested on several charges based on the investigation into the MMPRC scandal during former President Yameen's tenure. With the change in leadership, both convicts confessed and entered a plea deal to cooperate with the state.
While both Adeeb and Ziyath are to serve lengthy prison sentences, they currently reside at home. Home Minister Imran Abdulla claimed that Adeeb resides at home as he requires a special machine to sleep.
The opposition has speculated that Adeeb and Ziyath remain at home to be used as witnesses against former President Yameen.