Saturday 20th Jul 2024
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MP Ali Hussain

Parliament Publicized False MMPRC Report: Ali Hussain

Parliament representative for Kendhoo constituency Ali Hussain has stated that the parliament’s report on the Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) corruption is false, as the list contains the names of numerous innocent people.
During a program on Dhivehi Raajjeyge Adu, Ali Hussain claimed that the report published is false and the list has been tampered with, as it includes the names of several innocent people, and has omitted the names of the real accomplices. He iterated that the report aided the conspirators to save themselves and the Asset Recovery Commission’s (ARC) work has become questionable.
According to Ali, the ARC’s efforts were rendered useless once the MMPRC list was leaked, and the commission can no longer proceed with the matter in an ideal manner.
He revealed that he met with the ARC President and provided a statement to police as people notified him that his name was on the list before it was even leaked.
The Kendhoo MP stated that he was not a member of parliament at the time of the incident, and worked on several legal matters in relation to former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb. He admitted that he did receive payment from Adeeb for working on legal matters.
“I received halal money. What I received was payment for permitted tasks. Adeeb still owes me money”, he said.
He stated that he received money from Adeeb prior to 2014, but only as payment for permitted tasks. Ali said he received a total of around MVR 500,000 from Adeeb.
MP Ali claimed that the parliament was irresponsible in publishing the list in the name of the MMPRC corruption report as the list includes several innocent people, describing it as sacrificing the innocent.
The ARC listed 267 people involved in the MMPRC corruption. It comprises 44 former MPs, 16 current MPs, 30 former government officials, five members of independent institutions, seven officers of defense forces, and five judges.