Sunday 14th Jul 2024
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MP Ali Hussain

Bill to halt “India Out" movement will damage MDP: Ali Hussein

The bill proposed to stop the India Out campaign hurts the ruling party, MDP the most, says Kendhoo constituency MP Ali Hussain.
MP Ali Hussain said that the changes to the penal code proposed to parliament to criminalize all actions threatening diplomatic relations attempts to stop the "India Out" movement led by the opposition, PPM.
MP Ali Hussain claimed that even though Article 27 of the constitution granted the freedom of speech within the binds of Islam, the government wants to take away that right by changing the law. MP Ali Hussain encouraged lawmakers to break their silence in the face of these transgressions.

Describing the bill as dangerous, Ali Hussain went on to say that the bills hurt MDP the most. He explained that were the amendments approved, Maldivians will be prohibited from sending illegal Indian residents out of our country.

The bill was brought forth by the Feydhoo constituency MP Mohamed Nihaad, yesterday.