Sunday 14th Jul 2024
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MP Ali Hussain

Govt Spoke Of Murders To Play With People’s Emotions: MP Hussain

MP Ali Hussain (Kendhoo) has said that the Solih administration talked about slain blogger Yameen Rasheed, kidnapped journalist Ahmed Rilwan, and the “mercilessly murdered” religious scholar and parliamentarian Dr Afrasheem Ali to “play with peoples’ emotions and get votes”.
MP Hussain made this statement in response to a tweet posted by former Gender Minister Shidhatha Shareef, who had written that while the Solih administration celebrates its third year, the murders of Yameen, Rilwan, and Dr Afrasheem were loudly spoken about to get votes and come to power. However, she had written, there was none in the government who cared about these murders. She had described this as a failure of the Solih administration.
MP Hussain added onto her comments by stating that the murders had only been talked about to play with people’s emotions. He said that the Solih administration should be ashamed that justice had not been served.