Tuesday 18th Jun 2024
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MP Ali Hussain

A Good Defence Minister Would Defend Their People: MP Ali Hussain

MP Ali Hussain (JP-Kendhoo) stated that a good Minister of Defence would defend their own country and people.
MP Hussain made this statement on Twitter in response to a video clip of an interview that Defence Minister Mariya Ahmad Didi gave to an Indian media channel.
In the clip, shared by Indian journalist Seema Sengupta, Minister Mariya is shown “spitting venom against her own people, sitting on foreign soil”.
In the video-clip, Minister Mariya is asked about Maldivians’ perception of India, to which she responds with derogatory statements about the Maldives and some of its people.
MP Hussain wrote that “ If [Defence Minister Mariya has] nothing good to say about [her] own people then it’s better not to talk.”