Thursday 25th Jul 2024
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Ali Nizar

Addu Mayor Nizar to Adeeb: Need Major Favor to Repay Debt

Dhiyares has acquired message logs between former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb and Addu City Mayor Ali Nizar, during Nizar's time as a member of the 18th Parliament.
The messages were recovered from Adeeb's phone by Faraday Forensics in the United Kingdom. An associate of former President and incumbent Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed provided the messages to Dhiyares.
The messages indicate that Nizar has taken money from Adeeb on several occasions. In 2014, Nizar texted Adeeb that he requires a major factor in order to repay a debt. In response, Adeeb asked how much he needed.
Nizar then answered that he needed MVR 250,000.
"Still struggling with campaign tightness. For the time being this may be enough. Around MVR 450,000 is there as debts", said Nizar.
Adeeb asked to meet Nizar that same night near the Fantasy Store in Male'. At the time, the former Vice President held several meetings in an office across from the store.
Prior to their appointment, Nizar inquired who else will be present, to which Adeeb replied that no one else will be there.
The Addu Mayor messaged Adeeb on numerous instances afterward. Nizar on August 26, 2014, texted that he has been attempting to meet Adeeb to return a debt and ask for a loan to settle some business matters. He claimed that he would repay the loan in monthly installments of MVR 25,000.
"I will be extremely grateful if you help me with this. If a similar situation arises, I will be ready to help you", he said.
Nizar also revealed that he was facing a potential from MM Exports as he had taken USD 50,000 as a loan from the company. The current mayor messaged Adeeb that he continues to receive threatening emails from the company and that the matter can be resolved with USD 70,000 from Adeeb.
The ex-VP replied that he was tight on money at the time, and requested Nizar to vote against Maldives Democratic Party’s (MDP) whip for the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) bill the next day. Nizar claimed that he did not wish to do so alone.
Adeeb then stated that if Nizar did so, he would be able to help with "political funds". Nizar asked to meet to further discuss, and Adeeb said that he would call.
Nizar did not vote for the SEZ bill. However, on August 27, he sent a message thanking Adeeb, saying that Adeeb is working towards the nation's future.
Nizar once again requested money from Adeeb. A message sent on September 2, 2014, read that he has come across a major issue, and does not have many people to ask for help. He said that even half of what he previously asked for would suffice. In return, he stated he would help Adeeb in any way. Adeeb did not reply.
However, it is noteworthy that Nizar then voted for several bills the government wished to pass, which includes an amendment to the constitution to allow for Maldivian land to be sold to foreigners.
Nizar is included on the list of those suspected to be involved in the Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) corruption case published by the Asset Recovery Commission established by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. Speaking on the matter, Nizar claimed that he was being accused to damage his reputation.