Saturday 20th Jul 2024
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Bridge Most Important for Addu: Mayor Nizar

Addu City Mayor Ali Nizar has stated that the most important thing for Addu at the moment is the construction of a bridge to connect Hulhumeedhoo and Hithadhoo.
During a forum discussion on Clubhouse, Nizar stressed that candidates for the upcoming presidential elections must vow to construct the bridge for the citizens of Addu. He claimed that Addu citizens also consider the bridge to be a priority.
"The presidential candidates must pledge to construct the bridge. Whoever it may be, I will want to vote for those who make the pledge", said Nizar.
He iterated that the bridge will be discussed with President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih at the first official meeting with the president. The mayor added that the council will also present an official proposal for the bridge.
Former President Yameen Abdul Gayoom was the first to promise to construct a bridge in Addu. Ali Nizar was among those to criticize Yameen for his 2018 campaign promise.