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President Maumoon

Pres Maumoon and His Son Faaris Requested Adheeb for Money

Former President and MRM president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom and his eldest son Faaris Maumoon had also messaged former Vice President for cash.
"The Maldives Journal" has come into the possession of messages that were sent between Maumoon Abdul Gayoom and son Faaris and Adeeb. The father and son had been taking funds from Adeeb for PPM office uses. "The Maldives Journal" received these messages from an ex-cabinet minister of the current administration.
On 24th September 2014, Faaris had sent a Viber message to Adeeb regarding the expenses of PPM that need funds. Faaris requested Adeeb that the PPM president had wanted the issue dealt with by the end of the week. On the 28th of September Faaris once again messaged Adeeb asking for funds to pay the salary of the staff of the PPM office and asked if it was possible.
However, Adeeb replied the next day he will arrange although he did not arrange the funds making Faaris message a reminder. On the 30th of September Faaris once again messaged Adeeb although Adeeb did not reply to the message leading Maumoon to message him stating that it being the end of the month and the staff needed to be given salary Maumoon asked Adeeb to help in the matter. After receiving the message Adeeb replied that he was going to arrange it.
The same day evening Faarish informed Adeeb that he had received MVR 1 Lakh and messaged his gratitude. When “The Maldives Journal” messaged Faaris regarding these messages Faaris did not respond.
At that time Adeeb was the Vice President of PPM. He also was handling party and Former President Yameen Abdul Gayoom's expenses and getting funds from others for the party.
After Yameen's tenure as president ended, he was summoned to the Police Headquarters for questioning over money laundering allegations. The state accused Yameen of laundering money with the help of Adeeb US$ 1 million was deposited into the escrow account, the source of the funds was covered up. Although Yameen claims the suspicious funds deposited into his account were campaign contributions.
Previously Adeeb had said that he had been handling the PPM funds. Recently leaked messages of Muamoon and Faarish requesting assistance in the affairs of PPM make it more believable that Adeeb was in fact handling the PPM funds.