Thursday 25th Jul 2024
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President Yameen's Court Case

Pres. Yameen Submits New Evidence: Messages of Adeeb Promising MVR 400,000 to Muavviz

Former President Yameen Abdul Gayoom's defense against the Criminal Court and High Court's conviction of money laundering has presented to the Supreme Court, former Vice President Adeeb's messages regarding Muavviz Rasheed, former Vice President of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).
President Yameen's appeal based on 22 points has been submitted to the Supreme Court. The presiding judges are Justice Mahaz Ali Zahir, Justice Dr. Azmiraldha Zahir, and Justice Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim. Justice Mahaz Ali Zahir is the head of the bench.
During today's hearing, President Yameen's lawyer Ali Shah questioned Muavviz's integrity and requested to present Adeeb's messages as evidence. Justice Mahaz inquired as to why the evidence was not presented to the High Court. The lawyer responded that it was discovered during their efforts after the High Court passed its verdict.
The former president's defense highlighted that the messages were found during Adeeb's case at the Criminal Court and that the messages read, "give Muavviz MVR 400,000". The court also questioned President Yameen regarding the matter. Yameen responded that he had not met Muavviz or the then-President of the ACC Hassan Luthfee. He claimed that he was made aware of the funds transferred to his account from SOF Private Limited after he was informed by Luthfee via a phone call.
Adeeb's message logs obtained by Dhiyares show that Muavviz did receive money from the ex-VP.
In addition, he stated he was not summoned for questioning and that he mailed information to the President's Office. After declining to testify at the lower court, Luthfee posted a Facebook status that read that he had not met President Yameen at the President's Office. The lower court passed the conviction based on Muavviz's testimony. The former president has previously stated that the lower court found him guilty in consideration of Muavviz's testimony.