Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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President Dr.Muizzu

President Muizzu Pushes for Combined Elections to Save Costs

President Muizzu has announced a proposal to hold the presidential and parliamentary elections together, aiming to amend the Constitution to facilitate this change.
Speaking at a PNC rally, President Muizzu emphasized the need to conduct elections in a cost-effective manner that benefits the people. He highlighted that RF 125 million was spent on the parliamentary elections and RF 180 million on the presidential elections. "Presidential and parliamentary elections should be held simultaneously to save RF 120 million. This substantial amount could even be used for the permanent relocation of residents from smaller islands to larger ones. Conducting both elections together would also be much more convenient for the public," he stated.
The President stressed the importance of gaining public support for this initiative. He stated that a public referendum should be conducted to decide on holding the elections together.
He also mentioned that he would propose an amendment to the Constitution this year or next year at the latest. Reflecting on his economic plans, President Muizzu emphasized that unity and cooperation are crucial for advancing the country in the right direction, and it is paramount to fulfill the desires of the citizens.
The President stated that he did not plan to implement changes abruptly, emphasizing that the manifesto provides a detailed plan of action. He mentioned that discussions about cost reduction must include considerations for systemic changes within the country, particularly given the numerous elections that take place.