Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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Speaker Abdul Raheem

Abdu Raheem Abdulla Elected as Speaker of 20th Parliament of Maldives

The 20th Parliament of the Maldives has elected PNC Chairperson Abdu Raheem Abdulla as its Speaker. The election was a pivotal moment in the inaugural session of the new parliament, which was presided over by Meedhoo Constituency Member Ahmed Siyam.
The process of electing the Speaker and Deputy Speaker was managed by a five-member committee specifically appointed for this purpose. Two candidates were proposed for the role of Speaker: Abdul Raheem Abdulla, representing "Laam Fonadhoo," and Ibrahim Nazil, the MP for "Hithadhoo Dhekunu."
In a decisive vote among the 71 members of parliament, Abdul Raheem Abdulla emerged victorious. The final tally saw 14 members supporting Nazil, including seven invalid votes, ensuring Abdul Raheem’s clear path to the Speakership.
Parallel to this, the parliament also saw the nomination of candidates for the position of Vice-Speaker. The contenders were "Dhiggaru" MP Ahmed Nazim and "Maradhoo" MP Ahmed Didi.
The PNC, holding a super-majority in parliament with 75 MPs, convened a strategic meeting on May 22nd at the Presidential residence. The meeting, which included President and PNC President Dr. Mohammed Muizzu, Cabinet Ministers, and PNC elected MPs, was crucial in aligning party strategy for the parliamentary vote.
Abdul Raheem Abdulla's ascent to the Speakership is the culmination of his extensive political career. He has led the PPP/PNC coalition for the past five years, assuming temporary leadership of the PNC after former coalition leader Abdullah Yameen was imprisoned. His leadership was pivotal in the coalition's recent successes, and his appointment as Speaker was strongly endorsed by President Dr. Muizzu.
The official swearing-in ceremony for the members of the Twentieth Parliament took place at 9:00 am today, marking the commencement of their legislative duties. The new Speaker, Abdul Raheem Abdulla, is expected to play a crucial role in guiding the legislative agenda and ensuring the effective functioning of the parliament.