Sunday 21st Apr 2024
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Unless the Essential Ties of Democracy are Cut, the President Cannot be Removed

Unless the essential ties of democracy are cut, Dr. Mohamed Muizzu cannot be removed from power, Islamic Affairs Minister Dr. Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed said.
The minister said this while addressing a rally in Feydhoo on Sunday night during the President’s visit to Addu City.
The minister said the government has been in power for less than 100 days, but the opposition is already making an effort to overthrow the government. He said the government should be held accountable, but once the people elect a leader and start running the government, it is not responsible to try to change the government immediately, as it would be a detriment to the people.
The minister said the President should be given time to fulfill his presidential promises.
The people elected the highest educated person as the President of the country. He must be given time to fulfill the promises he made when he came to power with the trust of the people.
Minister Dr. Shaheem
The Minister criticized the MDP for attempting to take such drastic action without giving the President a chance to rule.
President Dr. Muizzu is making his second official visit to the atolls since taking the oath of office. Earlier, the President had visited Thaa Atoll.