Saturday 24th Feb 2024
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Ministry of Housing, Land and Urban Development

Housing Ministry Denies Cancelling Flat List

The Housing Ministry has denied reports that the list of 4,000 flat recipients will be cancelled.
Minister of State for Housing, Land and Urban Development Hussain Imran has said that the media reports that the government has decided to cancel the flat list and re-determine the beneficiaries under the Gedhoruverin Scheme are untrue.
Spreading lies and playing with the feelings of the people can have very undesirable consequences, he said. Imran also urged the media to be responsible in such sensitive matters related to the public and not to spread false information.
When the first 4,000 flats under the landlord scheme were announced in the transitional phase after the presidential election, the ACC ordered the allocation of flats to be suspended to investigate the list. After completing the investigation, the ACC found that 59% of the list of people who were given flats were ineligible.
The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has now sent a list of those who have qualified for the flats and have no other issues to the Housing Ministry, the ministry said.