Saturday 24th Feb 2024
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Maldivian Students Given Opportunity to Perform Hajj Through Helping Pilgrims

The Saudi government has decided to give the opportunity to Maldivian students studying in Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj.
The Minister of Islamic Affairs, Dr. Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed, has announced that the Hajj Ministry has accepted the proposal of the Maldivian government to allow students studying in Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj by assisting pilgrims during the annual Hajj season.
Minister Shaheem said the Saudi government has agreed to the arrangement and has officially informed the Maldivian government today.
Shaheem said 1,000 people from Maldives are going for Hajj in the official quota and it is very important that the country's domestic transport buses have Arabic speakers. He said the pilgrims sometimes faced difficulties due to the lack of Arabic speakers.
The Saudi Ministry of Hajj has previously stipulated that students studying in the country have the opportunity to perform the Hajj once every five years.
Shaheem said the Maldives Hajj Corporation will work with the Saudi universities to compile a register of Maldivian students and a certain number of students, determined by the government each year, will be given the opportunity.