Saturday 24th Feb 2024
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President Dr.Muizzu

‘I will fulfill all my promises to the letter’: President Dr. Muizzu

The President, Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, has said that he will fulfill all the promises he made during the presidential election campaign period.
Addressing the residents of Th. Veymandoo, the President said that the island roads would be constructed as requested by the people of Veymandoo and that he would try to start the land expansion works within the year.
In his speech, he said that after taking over the government, he delayed coming to the people to try to solve some important issues of the country. He continued by taking accountability for stabilizing the country's economy and maintaining the country's independence and sovereignty.
He said he devoted his trips abroad to finding solutions to such major issues.
It is a shame that some people of Maldives speak out against the independence of Maldives, he said. The President said that the country will soon be able to manage its own waters, and will thus no longer be reliant on any neighbors.
The President, on his current visit to the atolls, is accompanied by a high-level government delegation. These include Defense Minister Ghassan Maumoon, Special Advisor to the President Abdul Raheem Abdullah, Foreign Minister Moosa Zameer and Cities Minister Adam Shareef.
Speaking at a meeting with the people of Veymandoo, the Secretary General of the Veymandoo Council Siyadha Ali said the previous government had neglected Veymandoo. None of the projects started by the previous government in the island have been completed, she said. She also highlighted the importance commencing the causeway project connecting Veymandoo and Kinbidhoo, the land reclamation of Veymandoo and the construction of a police station in the island as soon as possible.
Speaking at the meeting, Minister of Cities, Local Government and Public Works Adam Shareef said the President will “follow the will of the people. Dr. Muizzu is ruling very simply and very closely to the people.” He said he has never seen such straightforward leadership in previous presidents. He said the state treasury was completely empty when the government of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih handed over power, which has highlighted the tremendous task for Dr. Muizzu.
Minister Adam Shareef said the vision of development that the people of Maldives wanted to see has begun to appear. In order for the development to be implemented in the most efficient and effective manner, the PNC needs to achieve a supermajority in Parliament.
Addressing the people of Veymandoo, PNC Chairman and Special Advisor to the President, Abdul Raheem Abdullah, said that, “government is not an honor, but a grant of trust by the people.” He also stressed the importance of a majority in Parliament for the ruling PNC.