Saturday 1st Apr 2023
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Umar Naseer

Umar Naseer. Photo: TMJ

Former Maldivian Home Minister, Umar Naseer, has officially launched his presidential election campaign, entitled 'Umar for a New Direction'. The event took place at Sultan Park and was attended by several political figures and supporters of Umar.
In his address, Umar emphasized the need for change in the country and why he believes he is the best candidate to bring about this change. He emphasized the significance of Islamic values and stated that, under his rule, Islamic principles and the Shariah would become the highest values of the state. Furthermore, he promised to raise the role of Islam within the state to new heights and to promote religious education to enrich the Maldivian society.
Umar also discussed the problem of drug abuse in the country and promised to combat it by imposing the death penalty for drug dealers. He has run for the presidency in the past, contesting in 2008 as a representative of the Islamic Democratic Party. He received 2,472 votes in the election, which was contested by a total of six candidates. In the second round of the election, he did not support any candidate. Subsequently, he joined President Maumoon's DRP and then PPM. In 2013, he contested the presidential primaries against President Yameen but was unsuccessful. However, he later served as President Yameen's Home Minister.
Umar had planned to contest the presidential election in 2018 as well, but withdrew his nomination at the last minute. He believes that his past political experience and unwavering commitment to Islamic values make him a suitable candidate for the presidential election.