Friday 1st Mar 2024
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Hulhumalé Phase 2

Government scapegoats former administration for failure to complete Hulhumale Phase 2 within four years

The government blamed the former administration for failure to complete the plans set in 2015, for Hulhumale Phase 2, within the past four years of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s administration.
In a press conference at the President's Office, Spokesperson, Miuvaan Mohamed stated that the former administration of President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Qayyoom began developing Hulhumale’ Phase 2 without proper plans in place.
Miuvaan stated that President Yameen’s administration had not formulated any plans for facilities for the youth residing in the area or health services or other necessary arrangements for the elderly living in the area.
However, President Yameen published a plan for the development of the Phase 2, in 2015, prior to initiating the land reclamation project of 240 hectares for Phase 2. The plan included schools, hospitals, roads and other facilities to be built in Phase 2. The plan also included development of marina to dock yachts and safaris.
President Yameen vacated the presidential seat in 2018. Hiyaa flat owners occupied their homes in Phase 2 in 2021 despite the government's failure to establish any facilities near the housing flats within three years in office. Furthermore, the government failed to set up public transportation to Phase 2 prior to inhabitation.