Tuesday 21st May 2024
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Reeko Moosa

Solih administration’s excesses: 179,000 monthly pay for Reeko Moosa’s daughter

Disclosures have showed the state is spending in excess of MVR 179,000 (US$ 11,639.60) per month on Bushainath Moosa.
Bushainath is the daughter of Reeko Moosa Manik. Manik had previously served as Parliament Deputy Speaker and is now closely aligned with President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.
She is presently serving as Second Secretary at the Maldivian Embassy in the United Arab Emirates. Dhiyares had petitioned Information Commissioners Office of the Maldives (ICOM) for disclosure on the salaries and perks given to all Maldivians attached with Embassies, Missions, and High Commissions abroad.
Based on the disclosure issued, Bushainath earns just over MVR 2.1 million (US$ 136,553.95) annually.
  • Breakdown of Bushainath’s total pay package
  • - Basic salary: MVR 96,000 (US$ 6,242.47)
  • - Ramadan allowance: MVR 3,000 (US$ 195.08)
  • - Special allowance to the post: MVR 117,500 (US$ 7,640.52)
  • - Commuting allowance: MVR 99,552 (US$ 6,473.44)
  • - Dependent’s allowance: MVR 145,685 (US$ 9,473.27)
  • - Other allowances: MVR 383,958 (US$ 24,967.13)
  • Total: MVR 2,151,695 (US$ 139,915.45)
Looking at individual items, once again, dependent’s allowance comes up. Bushainath claims a significant amount under this category. Under the guidelines shared with Dhiyares by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a Second Secretary can earn up to MVR 54,000 (US$ 3,511.39) as dependents allowance. However, Bushainath’s pay for that category is three times that of the permitted amount.

While Bushainath serves as the Second Secretary, she has no experience or education in Foreign Service. Prior to her appointment to the post, she had worked in family-owned businesses, including Heavy Load Maldives and Raha Resort.

Raha Resort is a tax and penalty dodger as named by Maldives Inland Revenue Authority of Maldives (MIRA) and owes significant amounts to state owned businesses as well.

Heads and representatives of missions and embassies are currently filled with close associates and family members of the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP). The pay packages given to these individuals far outstrip their qualifications and mandates, with several individuals reporting that some even had no mandate.