Sunday 21st Jul 2024
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Ibrahim Shuja

PPM Gained Victory in Komandoo Bi-Election

The Progressive Congress Coalition announced that the results of yesterday’s Komandoo constituency bi-election had been a “victory” for the opposition coalition.
The ruling Maldivian Democratic Party had won the seat during yesterday’s election by a very narrow margin, and had failed to secure more than half of the vote.
Speaking at a news conference held at the opposition Progressive Party of Maldives’ main offices, opposition coalition partner Progressive National Congress’ Vice President Ibrahim Shujau accused the government of spending excessive amounts of money to fool and brainwash the people of the constituency.
“There is no single constituency in recent history that has seen this many jobs created”, said Shujau.
Shujau likewise pointed out that Fenaka officials had threatened employees with job dismissal, and accused the State of having paid Jumhooree Party leader Qasim Ibrahim MVR10 billion, and had also given him MVR52 million.
Shujau also accused Adhaalath Party leader Imran Abdullah of backing the MDP’s candidate in exchange for an island that was to be developed as a resort by one of his associates.