Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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Ibrahim Shuja

Case filed against Shuja due to intolerance by the government : Opposition

Opposition Coalition said that the Parliament Committee of Human Rights and Gender Committee’s decision to file a case against PNC Vice President and Male’ City Council Hulhumale Constituency Member Ibrahim Shuja due to intolerance for the work done by Shuja to the Local government Authorities.
PNC made the statement when the Parliament Committee of Human Rights and Gender Committee released a statement regarding Shuja barging inside the Fiyavathi Children Shelter two nights ago due to a fire breaking out. The Committee requested Local Government Authorities to investigate Shuja.
The statement that was released by PNC stated that while the issues at the Shelter were ongoing and the fire that broke out those who are responsible for the Shelter the Gender Ministry political members had not taken any action. However, Shuja had played a significant role in bringing the Shelter under Control. Shuja had worked alongside the Firemen in the front line to put out the fire that erupted in the Shelter.
The statement further said that the fast efficiency of Shuja on the scene had resulted in the public praising him and criticizing the government. The statement further said that the Human Rights and Gender Committee’s decision to file the case at the Local Government Authorities because the government cannot tolerate the work done by Shuja.
While Shuja had taken the responsibility in solving the Issues at the Fiyavathi Shelter and had awakened the Government to the Issues that have been happening at the Shelter, the Parliament Members have forgotten that Shuja is the Male’ City Elected Council Member for the hulhumale Constituency the statement said. The Opposition congress said that they are proud of Shuja’s work in handling issues that are raised by the hulhumale citizens.