Thursday 11th Aug 2022
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Drug Trafficking Part Of Solih Govt’s Policy: Dr Jameel

Former Vice President Dr Mohamed Jamee Ahmed has accused the Solih government of having adopted a policy to deliberately and openly spread drugs and drug-use.
Tweeting with regards to a large drug-bust by the Maldives Police Service last night, Dr Jameel wrote that drugs were everywhere and its sale and use had gone out of control.
“Is this the progress of the mind?” asked Dr Jameel, ridiculing the ruling MDP’s slogan that the government’s policies would prioritise the progress of the mind over the progress of infrastructure.
Dr Jameel further accused the Solih administration of stationing foreign military in the Maldives to hide their involvement in the drug trade to local authorities.
A grassroots movement has emerged in the Maldives over the past year that calls for the removal of Indian military personnel from the country. The government had responded that the protests were organised by drug traffickers. These claims had been made by Defence Minister Mariya Didi on Indian television, by President Solih, and by several ruling-party activists and parliamentarians.