Sunday 21st Jul 2024
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Speaker Abdul Raheem

Solih Administration Will Destroy Maldivian Sovereignty: Abdur Raheem

The current government’s trajectory is to do away with the Maldives’ sovereignty, said Abdur Raheem Abdullah, president of the opposition People’s National Congress.
Abdur Raheem mentioned this on Twitter in response to Vice President Faisal Naseem’s comments that the Solih administration’s trajectory did not involve “ugly acts” such as “removing the roof” of the Supreme Court. Vice President Naseem’s comments were a reference to former President Abdullah Yameen’s actions in retaliation to the coup attempt of February 1, 2018.
Abdur Raheem claimed that the trajectory of the Solih government saw Islamophobic blasphemy, the loss of Maldivian sovereignty, the sale of national assets and territory, and the looting of the national treasury.
Cases of Islamophobic blasphemy has been on the rise since President Solih’s inauguration. Likewise, several Indian military personnel are currently stationed in the Maldives through classified bilateral agreements that, as many have claimed, threaten national sovereignty.