Saturday 20th Jul 2024
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MP Ibrahim Rasheed

Bonde Criticizes Delays in Determining Minimum Wage

Parliament representative for Maafannu-Central constituency Ibrahim Rasheed (Bonde) has criticized the delays in honoring the presidential pledge of determining the minimum wage.
Minister of Economic Development Fayyaz Ismail has claimed that he has received no advice from the Minimum Wage Board formed to advise the minister regarding minimum wage.
During the inauguration of the Job Centre in Alifushi, Raa Atoll, Minister Fayyaz admitted that the fulfillment of the presidential pledge has been delayed, but the minimum wage will be declared in the near future.
In a tweet attributing the delay to the board’s failure to provide advisement, Bonde said that it is impossible to believe that the determination of minimum wage has been delayed due to not receiving advice from the minister’s board.
Bonde, an advocate for the parliamentary system of governance, further stated that the presidential term will come to an end while attempting to pick apart the jumbled presidential system. He proposed that the solution is the immediate implementation of a parliamentary federal system that is easier to enforce.