Sunday 14th Jul 2024
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MP Ibrahim Rasheed

Imran is a terrorist who took over the National Media : Bonde

Maafanu Medhu Constituency Member Ibrahim Rasheed (Bonde) stated that the Government's Coalitions Partner and Home Affairs Minister and the President of Adhaalath Party Imran Abdullah is a terrorist who had taken control over the State Media.
In a message sent to a group with Parliament members, Bonde had shared parts of the review from the Presidential Commission committee (Koani) report on the 7th February 2012 on how the Former President Nasheed's tenure ended. The review which was shared by Bonde stated that although Imran was not questioned concerning the 7th February 2012 incident, he had played a big role.
The review also had stated that Imran was shown on National Television Channel conversing with the public that was gathered in the Jumhuree Park on 7th February 2012. The review also pointed towards another report that reported how Imran had taken control of the National Media.
After sharing the review Bonde said that before the President gave up his seat, shooting down the door of the National Media Channel is a Coup. The events of the day were broadcasted live from the National Media Channel as well as VTV. He also said that this was an act of terrorism.
Bonde further stated that the public would not trust a government that harbors criminals as heads of the government.