Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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MP Ibrahim Rasheed

Parliamentary System Supporters Won 53 Seats in National Council Elections: Bonde

Maafanu Medhudhaira Constituency Ibrahim Rasheed (Bonde) said that 53 candidates who support Parliamentary System had won during the MDP National Council election.
Those who are close aides to the President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih have been stating in media that the majority of the National Council seats were won by candidates loyal to President Solih. 75 percent of candidates who were elected to the council were backed by President Solih.
Regarding this “Dhiyares” questioned Bonde for which he stated that 53 seats were won by those who support Parliamentary System. Therefore, previously on 30 seats were with the Parliamentary System and now it has changed.
Bonde further said that the position that most was vying was the Position for the Male’ City President candidate which was won by a Parliamentary System Supporter and that is a loss for the government faction.
Bonde also said that while the “Government Faction” had spent a huge amount on campaigning the Parliamentary System Supporters did not spend on campaigning.
Aside from Bonde other members that support Parliamentary System have denied that they lost in this National Council Elections.