Monday 15th Apr 2024
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Minister Fayyaz

Govt Policies to Bring Monumental Change to Job Market: Fayyaz

Minister of Economic Development Fayyaz Ismail has stated that the job policies being implemented by the government will bring monumental change to the job market, which will reap a great number of benefits and difficulties.
Fayyaz made his statement on Wednesday night during the opening ceremony of the Alifushi Job Centre. He iterated that the job centre will connect job seekers to employers. He noted that the government's policies will solve the issues faced by those unable to secure jobs, and businesses unable to find workers with the required set of skills.
He further stated that job centres will provide a great deal of data on the opportunities available in the Maldivian job market and sectors where training is not provided. The data will enable the government to appropriate its policies, said the minister.
Minister Fayyaz claimed that despite the long delay, minimum wage will be also be declared under the policies. He assured that minimum wage will be determined soon.
He also revealed that the Employment Sector Security Bill will be sent to parliament within the next two months. He acknowledged that there is no system in the Maldives to protect workers' rights, and asserted that the Trade Union Bill or Industrial Relations Bill will also be sent to parliament this year.
The minister noted that the policies will bring monumental changes to the job market and the overall economy of the Maldives. Although the changes may cause difficulties, as per Fayyaz, they are being implemented by all the leading countries of the world.