Tuesday 26th Sep 2023
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Dhonbilai Haleem

Coalition Parties' Slots for Ministers Not Given to Capable People: Dhonbiley

Parliament representative for Bilehdhoo constituency Ahmed Haleem (Dhonbiley) has stated that in accordance with the current governing system, the ministers assigned to the slots given to coalition parties are not capable of the position.
During a program on the Dhivehi Channel, Haleem claimed that while the current system of governance requires the ruling party to form a coalition with the smaller parties and provide ministers’ slots for the coalition parties, the parties are not assigning the slots to capable people.
Dhonbiley said that a parliamentary system would not provide the same opportunity as even ministers will need to be elected. According to the Bilehdhoo MP, while the ruling party has formed a coalition with smaller parties, the parties have been assigning their slots to whomever they wish, even if the person is in no way related to the position. Such issues will halt development, and prevent the ruling party from carrying out developments as it wishes. He reiterated that a parliamentary system would not leave any room for such issues.
He stated that ministers will need to be elected in a parliamentary system, and that the system will allow the most qualified person to be elected.
He added that the nation cannot be properly run if the ministers running the government are not elected by the people. He stressed that the Maldives cannot operate on such policies.
He further stated that it is an obstacle to development if ministers are thrust in the middle of parliament representatives and a president elected by the public. Ministers answer to the president, not to the public, said Dhonbiley. Previous instances show that if the president informs a minister to go home, the minister must go home.
Ahmed Haleem claimed that the current governing system mandates ministers to follow the orders of the president, but a parliamentary system would not allow it.