Thursday 20th Jun 2024
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Dhonbilai Haleem

Cannot Afford to Let Pres. Nasheed Remain in UK: Dhonbiley

Parliament representative for Bilehdhoo constituency Ahmed Haleem (Dhonbiley) has stated that parliament can no longer afford to let former President and incumbent Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed remain in the United Kingdom.
Speaking at a Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) National Majilis meeting, Dhonbiley claimed that although some may assume so, the public’s support cannot be earned overnight, or lost as the sun rises. Haleem said that MDP must strive to establish a true MDP government.
According to Dhonbiley, the party must aim to bring President Nasheed back to the Maldives, and Nasheed will play a vital role in successfully creating an MDP government.
“We cannot afford to have President Nasheed in London. We cannot do things the way Kilegefaanu did while in Egypt. We only have one President Nasheed. If we had more than one President Nasheed, we would be fine. However, we do not have that many. President Nasheed plays a vital role in the success of the party and forming an MDP government, we cannot do so without him”, he said.
He claimed that the Maldives has only one President Nasheed, and MDP cannot operate with him in London as he holds a major role in party operations.
Regarding Haleem’s statement, MDP Chairperson Hassan Latheef responded the party secretariat will do everything possible to facilitate the prompt return of President Nasheed. He appealed for party members to aid in the efforts.
Former President Nasheed is currently in the UK, seeking treatment for injuries sustained in the May 6 attack. A letter addressed to Deputy Speaker of Parliament Eva Abdulla read that he is not unhappy with government administrations, but it is a respectful statement in consideration of the current situation.
Nasheed iterated that according to police, the investigation into the perpetrators of the attack is still ongoing. He shared that he is hesitant to return to the Maldives until those behind the attack are brought to justice.