Friday 29th Sep 2023
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Abdul Raheem

Maldives Like a Volcano That is About to Erupt: Abdul Raheem

Acting leader of the opposition coalition Abdul Raheem Abdulla (Adhurey) has said that the situation of Maldives is similar to a volcano that is about to erupt.
Speaking at the "Addana" rally held by the opposition coalition last night, Abdul Raheem criticized the Indian influence on Maldivian affairs. He stated that Maldivians will have to deal with issues that arise from the increased Indian presence in the Maldives.
Adhurey compared the situation of Maldives to a volcano that is about to erupt. He further stated that, leaders of the ruling coalition are to be held responsible as much as President Solih.
He heavily criticized the Indian military presence in the Maldives and called for their expulsion.
Adhurey also said that there is no ruler or relevant authorities that can save the country. He also claimed that citizens of the Maldives must stand against India and fight for the country’s independence and that this is necessary.