Sunday 14th Jul 2024
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Property Owner Charged for Allowing to Run a Drug Den

Prosecutor General’s Office filed the charge against a property owner in Male’ City. He has been charged under Drugs Act for refusal to shut down a drug den on his property.
Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem tweeted saying that they had filed charges against the owner of M. Brightflower since the property owner refused to shut down the drug den despite the instructions from the authorities.
The PG tweet stated that the owner of the property has been charged under Article 127 (b) of the Drugs Act by the Criminal Court.
PG Office media official stated that M. Brightflower is known for working in a drug den and has a direct proceed of an offense of drug peddling or trafficking and obtaining as well as using. Therefore M. Brightflower Hussain Yoosuf was charged under the Drugs Act.
PG office stated that this is the first time a property owner has been charged for selling drugs in the form of a drug den.