Monday 15th Apr 2024
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Qasim Ibrahim

Qasim Enraged by Parliament Talks of Pres. Yameen's Contributions

Parliamentary representative for Maamigili constituency, Jumhooree Party leader Qasim Ibrahim has expressed anger in relation to Naifaru MP Ahmed Shiyam discussing former President Yameen Abdul Gayoom’s contributions to the nation.
During a parliament debate on the amendment to the Maldivian Land Act, Vice President of Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) Shiyam claimed that the Criminal Court verdict for President Yameen was unjust and cruel. He added that the bench judges’ leaked audios prove that the judges were forced to pass the verdict. Qasim objected that judges cannot be threatened and that judges must not consider threats or expected benefits while working.
Vilifushi MP Hassan Afeef, who headed parliament today, stated that Qasim’s point is not an objection and provided MP Shiyam the opportunity to speak. Shiyam stated that President Yameen made a great number of contributions to the advancement of the Maldives. He noted that although it may be difficult for parliament members to believe, President Yameen brought developments that the nation has never seen before.
Once again, Qasim objected and said that he has never seen an assailant and thief like President Yameen, and that the verdict was passed while he was in the hospital. The head of parliament then declared that the point was not an objection. Qasim raised his voice and claimed that he cannot allow Shiyam to speak in such a way.
As per Qasim, Shiyam cannot state as such, and that a separate complaint must be presented if he wishes to do so. “Parliament cannot be run like this, come on”, said Qasim to Hassan Afeef.
Qasim has taken numerous days off since he was elected for parliament. Upon his return to parliament, he has been defending the government.