Thursday 20th Jun 2024
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President Dr.Muizzu

Maldives’ Seas Should Always Have Been Managed By Maldivian People: Qasim

Qasim Ibrahim, the leader of Jumhooree Party, has stated that the Maldivian seas should always have been managed by the Maldives’ and its people, rather than an external entity.
The government has launched drones for the Maldivian Army to provide 24-hour continuous surveillance of the Maldivian waters. President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu signed the order to operate the drones at a special ceremony held in Maafaru.
In a post on X, Qasim congratulated and praised President Dr. Muizzu, and said that the management of Maldives’ maritime area is something that the people of Maldives must do themselves for the sake of their independence, sovereignty and fisheries.
He said that President Muizzu's early assumption of such a huge responsibility is a historic and proud decision and this service should be continued as long as Maldives exists.
Instead of always relying on allies for everything, leaving others to do the kind of things we have to do ourselves as a country will be a pain for such donors as well.
Qasim Ibrahim
Therefore, on behalf of himself and the party, Qasim has thanked Dr. Muizzu for his noble example of taking swift steps to defend the country as the country's prosperity increases.

Turkey has imported Bayraktar TB2 drones to fulfill this objective, which was a presidential promise of Dr. Muizzu. The President also inaugurated the Army Air Corps as a branch of the Maldives National Defense Force, which will operate the drones.

The National Defense Force said the newly inaugurated Army Air Corps will be equipped with pilot-driven aircraft in addition to unmanned vehicles.

In addition to bringing in drones and inaugurating the Air Corps, the President said he would double the capacity of the Army Coast Guard and provide the Coast Guard with the necessary vehicles and equipment.