Thursday 20th Jun 2024
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Qasim Ibrahim

MDP Needs to Stop the Move to Oust the President Unconditionally: Qasim

Jumhooree Party leader MP Qasim Ibrahim has called for the MDP to cease their attempts to oust President Dr. Mohammed Muizzu unconditionally.
Unless the President, who is elected by the majority of the people in Maldives, violates the Constitution and laws of the democracy, and unless any of the conditions of the office of President are violated, the removal, or proposal to remove the President is without basis in the rule of law.
Qasim said this in a post on social media.
Criticizing the efforts of the opposition in parliament, Qasim said such an act was unacceptable in a parliamentary group that is coming to the end of its term.
It is completely against the constitutional rules and democratic principles of the country.
MP Qasim Ibrahim, Leader of the Jumhooree Party
Qasim added that so far, President Dr. Muizzu is ruling for the people and the country and the Parliament should give the President the full opportunity to exercise his democratically gifted right to govern.

The presidential elections in Maldives last year are the most recent national election, where President Dr. Muizzu won with a majority vote, which indicates the people’s desire for him and his administration to govern. Until the completion of the parliamentary elections this year, it would be unreasonable and without basis for the MDP Parliamentary group to abuse their majority to force the impeachment of a sitting president.