Thursday 20th Jun 2024
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Qasim Ibrahim

Not Approving Ministers is an Attempt to Destroy the Country: Qasim

The leader of the Jumhooree Party (JP), Member of Parliament and prominent businessman, Qasim Ibrahim has stated that all ministers should be approved by the Parliament as appointed by President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu. There are people in the Parliament who are trying to destroy the country for their own sake, he said.
The Democrats, a political party formed by former President Mohamed Nasheed, issued a statement saying they would not approve some ministers. Many MDP members, who have a majority in parliament, have offered their support of this refusal, saying they will not offer their approval for some ministers as well.
Debating the issue in Parliament today, Qasim said the committee had examined the issue of the approval of the cabinet ministers and decided that they should have had no issues.
In previous governments, parliament has approved the nominations sent by the President for cabinet appointments, he said, adding that removing a minister from office for making a mistake is another matter.
“The fact that they [the committee] did not find any reason why they should not approve any minister after careful consideration is why I believe all members of Parliament should approve the ministers,” he said.
Some political parties are discussing not approving the Foreign Minister, Economic Minister, Housing Minister and Attorney General of this government.
“There is a majority in the Parliament and the people have elected a certain person because they do not trust your [MDP] government. Therefore, not approving the person sent by the President is trying to destroy the country,” he said.
The opposition political parties are trying to put their own desires first by not approving particular ministers, he said.
“The people changed it because they did not like the previous government and even though they had a super majority in parliament, they elected another person as president. So we have to recognize this situation.”
Qasim said that loyalty to the people is giving approval to the ministers today. If the approving ministers make a mistake, they should be brought before parliament and questioned, he said.
"So my advice, my request, is that this parliament should approve all the ministers today. Otherwise it means not accepting the decision of the people, kicking them and running for parliament tomorrow," he said.