Thursday 25th Jul 2024
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MP Mohammed Waheed (Wadde)

Uninhabited Islands Bill Drafted Carelessly: Wadde

Parliament representative for Ungoofaaru constituency Mohamed Waheed (Wadde) has stated that the government's amendment to the Uninhabited Islands Act was drafted for the sake of it.
Debating the bill presented to parliament by Baarah MP Ahmed Abdulla, Wadde claimed that he does not support the bill as it currently is. He described the bill as nonsensical.
Elaborating on why he is not in support of the bill, Waade said that the government cited the reason for the amendment as to conform the Act in accordance with the Decentralization Act. However, as per the Ungoofaaru MP, the bill reflects the opposite.
Mohamed Waheed highlighted that the bill does not even include the names of atoll councils. The Decentralization Act dictates that the government must discuss with the councils all development and leasing of uninhabited islands within an atoll council's jurisdiction. Wadde noted that the government's amendment does not state as such.
The bill currently states that an uninhabited island can be seized and declared as an industrial area at any time. Wadde claimed that as it is, the bill allows the government to seize uninhabited islands at will.