Tuesday 19th Oct 2021
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Ali Zahir Accused of Interfering in MDP's Internal Elections

Some parliament members of ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) have accused President Solih's Chief of Staff Ali Zahir of interfering in MDP's internal elections.
Speaking at the parliament session held today, MP Mohamed Waheed (Wadde) of Ungoofaaru constituency stated that Ali Zahir is running a campaign office based in Mookai Suites and meddling in MDP's internal elections.
When asked for more details about the matter, MP Wadde said that Ali Zahir has been calling various MDP members and asking to vote for specific candidates. It should be noted that Ali Zahir does not belong to MDP and is a member of Adhalath Party, a partner of the ruling coalition.
"Ali Zahir is not a member of MDP, and he is influencing the election. He is the chief of staff of the President's Office. Meddling in the election like that is against MDP's democratic principles" said Wadde.
In addition to Wadde, another parliament member who spoke to TMJ on the condition of anonymity stated that he is also aware of Ali Zahir's role in meddling with the elections.
TMJ tried to contact Ali Zahir regarding the accusations made by MDP parliament members against him. However, he did not respond to the queries by TMJ.