Tuesday 18th Jun 2024
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MP Ibrahim Rasheed

Bonde Suspects Formation of Mafia Networks within Govt to Obtain Major Returns from State

Parliament representative for Maafannu-Central constituency Ibrahim Rasheed (Bonde) has criticized President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's government for its policies on providing reimbursements to several parties. During a Clubhouse forum Thursday night, Bonde stated that legal professionals have formed a mafia network within President Solih's government.
Heavily criticizing the current government on its reimbursement policies, he claimed that when working in the name of the state, if an agreement formed poses a danger to the state, the Law of Contract dictates the document to be invalid.
According to Bonde, agreements that pose a significant risk to the state cannot be formed as the Maldives' Contract Law considers agreements where one party faces a considerable risk to be invalid. He observed that the agreements are based on such policies as per the recommendations of international organizations such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank.
The Maafannu-Central MP highlighted that he is currently witnessing joint efforts of large networks intentionally violating policies to obtain reimbursements. While civilians present bills and wait over a year. The Finance Ministry attends to those who present issues in violation of the policies within a day, which proves that it is planned, said Bonde. He speculated that a mafia network of lawyers within the government is responsible for such activities.
"Citizens wait six to seven months, sometimes a year after submitting their bills, and still do not receive their money. But the Finance Ministry has approved sudden submissions the next day. So is this not planned? There is a mafia network of lawyers within the government", said Bonde.
He stated that such matters will one day be investigated, the money will be taken back, and businesses and goods owned by those who obtained reimbursements in this way will be made public.
Companies the government has reimbursed include BIG (Business Image Group) partly owned by the Director of Communications at the President's Office Hassan Ismail. Male' High, owned by Ibra, brother of Economic Minister Fayyaz Ismail, received MVR 15 million in returns. Mandhu College, also owned by Ibra, has also been reimbursed. Many have been criticizing the current government as it has allowed relatives of government officials to obtain returns against policies.