Sunday 23rd Jan 2022
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Member Ilyas Labeeb

MP Ilyas Reveals a Suspected Attack on Deputy Speaker and Some MPs

Parliament representative for Hulhudhoo constituency Ilyas Labeeb has revealed the suspicion of a plan to attack the Deputy Speaker of Parliament and other MPs.
Ilyas stated as such during a parliament discussion regarding a letter from former President and incumbent Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed. In the letter, Speaker Nasheed requested an extension of his leave as he is hesitant to return to the Maldives until the investigation into the May 6 assassination attempt is complete, with those who planned and conducted the attack brought to justice and detained.
Ilyas claimed that just as Nasheed is hesitant to return to the Maldives, parliament members are also wary of his return.
Further addressing the assassination attempt on former President Nasheed, MP Ilyas claimed that those who funded, planned, and arranged the attack remain unknown.
According to the MP, the number of groups ready to orchestrate terrorist attacks has yet to be determined. "We still don't know how many groups, how many cells there are".
The safety of Maldivians and those visiting the Maldives must be guaranteed, said Ilyas.
He added threats to the Deputy Speaker and other members of parliament are also present. He speculated that the members are being stalked for such attacks.