Friday 1st Dec 2023
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Criticism Aimed at Video of MPs Dancing

Public criticism has been aimed at the video of various Members of Parliament and State Trading Organizations Managing Director Hussein Amr dancing, posted on Twitter by MDP Parliamentary Group leader and MP for Mid Henveiru Constituency Ali Azim.
STO MD Hussein Amr, PG leader Ali Azim, Hulhudhoo Constituency MP Ilyas Labeeb, and Henveiru South Constituency Member Hussain Shaheem (Andhun Hussain) appear in the video together, dancing.
In response to this tweet, a member of the public tweeted saying that it was not fun to watch and that it's clear that they were under the influence of an intoxicant.
Another Twitter user tweeted saying that the people of Maldives are struggling and that many people have had to leave the safety of their homes and that Members of Parliament should have some shame while broadcasting such things in public while people are suffering.