Wednesday 17th Aug 2022
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Progressive congress coalition

PPM Team Travels to HA. Atoll to Garner Support

A team from the opposition Progressive Congress Coalition has left to Haa Alif Atoll today, the first destination in their series of visits to garner support and recruit party members.
PPM previously revealed that the trips under the “Maves PPM” campaign are intended to increase the number of party members and to gather the public’s opinions to formulate the party’s 2023 manifesto. The visit to Haa Alif Atoll is headed by Vice President of People’s National Congress (PNC) and Councilor of Hulhumale’ constituency Ibrahim Shuja.
The team will be in Haa Alif Atoll from August 7 to August 14.
PPM has also planned to visit southern atolls, with teams being dispatched to Gaafu Alif and Gaafu Dhaal Atolls soon.