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Opposition Progressive Congress Coalition to Unveil Manifesto Tonight

MALÉ, Maldives, 20th August 2023 - The Opposition Progressive Congress Coalition, comprising the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and the People’s National Congress (PNC), is poised to unveil its manifesto for the upcoming presidential elections. An official ceremony has been slated for this evening, 20th August, at 8:30 pm in Phase II of Hulhumale City.
The event is expected to witness the presence of the coalition’s presidential nominee, Dr. Mohammed Muizzu, along with his running mate, Hussein Mohammed Latheef. Both have been rigorously campaigning across the Maldives over the past fortnight, rallying support and presenting their vision for the nation.
Recent opinion polls indicate that Dr. Muizzu has gained significant traction among the electorate and currently leads the presidential race. This surge in popularity comes ahead of the incumbent president, Solih, who is also contending for re-election.
Notably, this year's presidential contest is unprecedented in the nation's history with a record eight candidates vying for the top seat. This marks a new chapter in Maldivian politics, showcasing the diversity of choices available to voters and highlighting the evolving democratic landscape of the island nation.
The ceremony tonight is anticipated to provide deeper insights into the coalition's policy goals and its roadmap for the future of Maldives. With such an extensive pool of candidates, it is sure to be a closely watched and highly competitive race to the presidency.