Sunday 14th Jul 2024
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Progressive Congress Coalition Calls for Halt of Vaavu Atoll Lagoon Sale

MALE, MALDIVES - People's Progressive Party (PPM)the political opposition in Maldives, has expressed grave concerns over the government's plans to sell the third-largest lagoon in the world, located in Vaavu Atoll. In a strongly-worded statement released earlier today, PPM condemned the proposed sale, which it alleges is being carried out hastily, below market value, and without proper authorization.
According to the PPM, the sale aims to raise funds for President Ibrahim Mohammed Solih's presidential campaign. This claim, if true, is expected to intensify the ongoing political turmoil and has already stirred up considerable controversy.
The coalition has aligned itself with the sentiments of Maldivian citizens, decrying the alleged misuse of public assets for the benefit of a select few. They've called for an immediate halt to what they term as "dishonest deals," asserting that these actions could result in long-term damage to the country.
PPM has also spotlighted the adverse impact the sale would have on the livelihoods of the people of Vaavu Atoll. According to the coalition, the decision to sell the lagoon has been made without consultation with the residents of the island, thereby jeopardizing their way of life.
In response to these concerns, PPM has urged the Anti-Corruption Commission and other relevant independent bodies to launch a swift and thorough investigation into the matter to ensure transparency and accountability.
As a part of their public commitment, PPM stated that under their leadership, any improper sale of public assets causing a loss to the nation would be reversed. The coalition reaffirmed its commitment to the principles of integrity and fairness and vowed to rectify any wrongdoing.
PPM concluded their statement with an appeal to all companies, urging them to exercise caution in their dealings with individuals linked to the current administration and suspected of corruption. They reminded everyone involved that justice will ultimately prevail, and those responsible for any misconduct will be held accountable.
The government has yet to respond to the allegations made by the Progressive Congress Coalition.