Tuesday 21st May 2024
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President Yameen

Sentencing only President Yaameen in MMPRC corruption case is not justice: Opposition

The act of charging and sentencing only President Abdullah Yaameen Abdul Gayyoom to jail in relation to the MMPRC corruption scandal was done unjustly, says the opposition coalition.
Speaking at a press conference, the interim leader of the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and Peoples National Congress (PNC) coalition, Abdul Raheem Abdulla, said the seemingly main goal of the current government is incessantly subjecting President Yaameen, currently serving an 11 year sentence in jail, to different ways of pain and harassment.
He also stressed that the PPM-PNC coalition have repeatedly complained about this issue to several institutions and ministries, yet nobody has probed into the matter or taken any steps to prevent it.
Current Youth and Sports minister Ahmed Mahloof was also involved in the MMPRC corruption scandal, accuses Abdul Raheem and continues that the decision of the court to overturn Minister Mahloofs’ corruption case reeks of injustice. Furthermore Abdul Raheem accused that the initial team of PG lawyers were replaced because they were against the overturning of Minister Mahloofs’ criminal case.
Referring to the constitution he stated that the role and operations of the Judiciary must not depend on the government’s decisions, but rather it should act independently to fulfill its role of imposing and ensuring justice.
Despite all this the current government will change and the law will catch up eventually, Abdul Raheem said to the Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem.