Sunday 21st Apr 2024
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President Yameen

Country Plunged Into Dark Situation By Previous Government: President Yameen

The country was plunged into this bleak state of affairs by the previous administration, not by President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, according to former President Abdullah Yameen Abdul Gayoom.
President Yameen said this while addressing a rally at the People's National Front (PNF) office. The PNF is a new political party which split off from the ruling PPM/PNC coalition last year after President Yameen and his most faithful supporters had disagreements over PPM/PNC leadership issues.
Yameen said the country was brought to this situation by the previous government, and he expressed his dissatisfaction with the MDP for criticizing the new government after bringing the country to this situation.
He stated that the MDP is chastising the new government, stating that they are unable to overcome to the debt, when it is them who created the mountain of debt the country sees today.
There are also a number of other sources of information that can be used to help you decide which of these options are best for you. He said it was clear who kept the state institutions in their hands without freeing them.
He further responded to the MDP’s allegations that the current government is exerting influence on state institutions. Yameen said it was clear which party was tying the hands of state institutions.
President Yameen also stated that the MDP should take responsibility for the non-functioning of Maldives’ sovereign powers, commenting on the loss of the large portion of the Maldives’ EEZ under last years ITLOS ruling. The government that did all this has tried to cover it up, he said.