Friday 9th Jun 2023
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Qasim Ibrahim

Jumhooree Party Will Remain with Pres. Solih Despite Not Receiving Rightful Share: Gasim

Leader of Jumhooree Party Qasim Ibrahim has stated that the party will remain steadfast in the government coalition to aid in fulfilling President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s pledges. Qasim made his statement in response to People’s National Congress (PNC) Leader Abdul Raheem Abdulla’s (Adhurey) invitation to join the opposition’s “Maldivians in Defense of Independence” campaign.
According to online news Vaguthu, Qasim stated that he has no intention of working with anyone apart from the government coalition.
Speaking on the opposition’s invitation, the JP Leader claimed that decisions to work with other parties will be discussed within the party and finalized by the council. He noted that it is too early to be working with additional parties as the government coalition has agreed to cooperate with the current leadership’s five-year tenure.
Standing up against President Solih’s government while it has been running well may disturb the nation’s peace, said Qasim. He claimed that Jumhooree Party would do no such thing.
Four parties joined together to form a coalition during the 2018 presidential elections.