Thursday 30th May 2024
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MP Roxeyna Adam

Not Required to Agree with Pres. Nasheed as MDP Members: Rozaina

Parliament representative for Addu-Meedhoo constituency Rozaina Adam has stated that she does not believe she is required to agree with all the statements of Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) Leader Mohamed Nasheed, just because she is a member of the party.
uring a Sangu TV program, MP Rozaina claimed that MDP is a democratic party and that she believes every member should be allowed to express their own thoughts.
She stated that if members are not allowed to criticize another member’s statements, it would be a violation of the party’s democratic policies, as the party cannot belong to a certain leader or member.
Rozaina added that the policy recognizing only one leader within the party disrupts party operations and that the opportunity to allow the emergence of multiple leaders will strengthen party operations.
MP Rozaina stated that the current President is also a member of MDP and that he holds the highest authority in the country. Therefore, he should be given the opportunity to make his own decisions regarding his responsibilities, and it is incorrect to influence the President’s decisions.
According to the MP, the parliament’s authority and government’s authority are completely different, and must always remain separate.
Parliament exists to hold the government accountable and for legislation, so attempting to declare government regulations is considered entering the government’s mandate.
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has been running the nation with proficiency and sincerity, and the most important thing to do right now is to support the president in fulfilling his pledges, said Rozaina.
She claimed that the world economy is in a dire situation and that the government is working tirelessly to bring developments required by the people.
Rozaina observed that projects initiated during the COVID-19 pandemic are being conducted without interruption, with the addition of several new projects.
She stated that the current government has done more than any previous government in halting corruption and abolishing extremism.
As per Rozaina, President Solih works with great capability and intelligence, as he does not rush to complete projects for the sake of completion, opting instead to do his best.