Tuesday 18th Jun 2024
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MP Roxeyna Adam

MP Rozaina criticizes state's allocation of MVR 23 million for Nasheed's security

Addu Meedhoo MP, Rozaina Adam, has raised concerns over the state's spending on the security of former President Mohamed Nasheed. The security provided by the state to Nasheed was increased after a suicide bombing on May 6, 2021, killed him.
Nasheed was injured in the attack and underwent major surgeries at ADK before being flown to Germany for further treatment. Some members loyal to Nasheed have accused Rozaina of celebrating in the parliament's tea room on the night of the attack.
In a recent tweet, Rozaina questioned the amount of money being spent on Nasheed's security, stating, "And we need to spend MVR 23 million from the pockets of the Maldivian people for the security of this person." She also questioned if Nasheed was doing anything for the country now and if the state's spending on his security was justifiable.
The Parliament's Committee on Security Services conducted an inquiry and found that Nasheed had always faced security threats. The law makes it mandatory for security services to ensure the safety of former presidents.
However, some lawmakers loyal to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih have called for Nasheed's ouster from the parliament after his relations with the president deteriorated. Speaking in parliament, some members of the President Solih faction threatened to stop providing security to Nasheed indirectly.