Tuesday 25th Jun 2024
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MP Roxeyna Adam

The night of the bombing, Rozaina was laughing!: Inthi

Member of Parliament for the Maafannu Uthuru constituency, Imthiyaz Fahmy (Inthi) stated that on the night of the terrorist attack on Former President and Parliament Speaker, President Mohamed Nasheed, Member of Parliament for the Meedhoo constituency Rozaina Adam was found laughing and making light of the situation.
In a tweet, Inthi claimed that he had seen Rozaina joking about it in the parliament house tea room in the presence of multiple people and they can confirm the truth of his statement. Inthi swore that he left the room after witnessing the scene.
In response to Inthi’s tweet, Rozaina replied that Inthi was now at “cult puppet level 10”, which she added was the level where one is in limbo and has started to hallucinate. She asked Inthi whether he had no fear to take Allah’s name and lie so blatantly and that she had not seen anyone laughing or joking about the bombing.
Rozaina argued that ultimately, what Inthi hoped to achieve with his tweet is to insinuate that it was President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih that perpetuated the fatal attack on the MDP leader and the “cult team” will call injustice as long as blame is unplaced.
Inthi tweeted back saying that Rozaina laughed the hardest amongst the “thieving network” and that she may not have realized because of how “unhinged” she had been.
Noting that Inthi had a foul mouth, Rozaina replied that Inthi must very clearly know that she is not the one who is unhinged and that he would also know the people who are really unhinged and detached from reality.
MDP is split into two factions; President Nasheed faction and President Solih faction, with all the name calling and back and forth jabs at each other, it is established that Inthi belongs to the former and Rozaina to the latter faction.
Furthermore, these two factions have not been able to agree on a presidential candidate to represent MDP and their internal primary election has been delayed for we