Saturday 24th Feb 2024
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MP Colonel Mohamed Nazim

Nazim Expresses Interest in Becoming MNP Presidential Candidate

Colonel (Rtd) Nazim has expressed interest in becoming Maldives National Party’s (MNP) 2023 presidential candidate.
When asked whether he intended to take part in the 2023 elections as a presidential candidate, Nazim responded that the party’s candidate will be decided through MNP’s primaries.
Nazim claimed that MNP’s candidate will be chosen through the party’s primary election and that those working with the party until the primaries will have the chance to acquire the party’s ticket.
Colonel Nazim stated he will be taking part in the primaries. Although he is interested in partaking in the primaries, MNP’s presidential candidate will ultimately be decided upon through primary voting.
While Nazim has announced his intent to compete in the primaries, many speculate that he formed MNP for the purpose of competing in the 2023 presidential elections.